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Yoga meditation



SUNDAY APRIL 2, 2023 10:00A

Spring is a time of renewal, of curiosity, of momentum. After a long winter, there is a deep desire to jump back out into life. We can hardly wait or stand it. To get outside, to feel refreshed and energized by the sun, the air, the blooming plant life. What we often miss about Spring in our fervor, is the need to open softly and slowly. To not use all our energy yet. Spring teaches us that blooming and becoming are not rushed. What It’s All About The Movement Experience practice is music driven and regulating for the nervous system. You can expect to flow from one movement to the next with moments of challenge followed by restorative and freeing movements, relaxation, breath work and reflection. You will be guided through a combination of familiar and perhaps more unfamiliar movements, each with the pace of one song, one movement. You have the freedom to do as much or as little as you want and will hear me say ‘You can’t get this wrong’ over and over again. I invite you to go into this with a willingness, a curiosity and permission to explore, gather with other women, experience and be present. Many benefits of The Movement Experience reflect on the experiences gained with the work I offer my clients as a massage therapist. It’s not always possible to receive bodywork on a regular basis, and this experience connects you with the possibilities to feel relief, ease tension and stress, a safe space for women to be supported and feel these shifts. Great For: + Burnout – not knowing how to slow down, not taking time for you, feeling guilty for doing something for yourself, giving all of you to everything and everyone else +If you have moments when you feel your body is against you – body image, health struggles, chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, ‘at mercy’ of emotions or hormones +Not feeling safe in your body – don’t like to feel, be touched, cry, let someone see you emotional, beliefs your body is not good enough + Anxiety, Depression, Stress – retrains the body, finishes stress cycles, creates new patterns, builds emotional resilience + Relieves tension + Longevity – creates sustainable approach, connects to inner authority, you begin to know what you need, how much, when, the value of rest, the value of pleasurable movement +Women with physical work environments that feel unsure about adding another layer of physicality to their day that will support them and not deplete them. The SPRING GATHERING will include spring inspired take home gifts, some from {have a soak} botanical bath blends, and self care products, light refreshments after class, and Spring reflections and journal prompts. By understanding our energy ebbs and flows, women also start to truly feel in their bones that making time for them is not selfish - but necessary. They start to recognize the deep need to nourish themselves with things they love and enjoy - not just things they should be doing. In turn, I love seeing women feel more satisfied and satiated by their lives - without changing anything other than how they move - on the mat & in the world. This event will be held in the Grand Hall at 360Aurora. Please bring a yoga mat and your own water bottle if desired.


Held in my private treatment room at 112 North Main St. ​ WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: The Movement Experience is a transformational and deeply nourishing embodied movement practice that switches pushing and hustling for relaxation and freedom. This is a 1:1 practice that replenishes your energy by slowing down the from the pace of our daily grind allowing ease with emotional + physical tension. It combines the freedom of natural movement, breath work, gentle stretching and the energy of coming together to move and be moved. The RELEASE + UNWIND Movement Experience class has been designed to reconnect you with yourself, experience time with stillness and movement, your breath, unwind tension and release emotions to fill you up again. THIS EXPERIENCE FOR?.  This is for you if you’re feeling drained, exhausted and run down physically, mentally and emotionally and you’d like a gentle yet potent experience to help you replenish and restore your sense of aliveness and vibrancy ​ This experience is for you if you’ve been curious about embodied movement and you’d like a simple yet nourishing taste of what it’s all about, in a safe and supportive environment. It’s for any “fitness level” as it’s not a fitness class, it's a movement and wellness experience ​ This class is for all experience levels - you will come out of it feeling a shift in your energy, decreased tension, more mobility and restoration. ​ WHAT: RELEASE + UNWIND THE MOVEMENT EXPERIENCE ​ PRICE: $55.00 - 60 MINUTE 1:1 privately guided The Movement Experience Class + Seasonal Journal Prompts. ​ WHAT TO WEAR AND BRING? Comfortable clothes that you feel good about moving and relaxing in and a yoga mat.



Thanks for joining me!

Erica Craig

Women can expect to be nurtured through movement, unwind and release tension, go inward with reflections and experience thoughtful curated events that include seasonal light refreshments, self care gifts from {IG: @haveasoak}, Seasonal pop up events, series events, and 1:1 experiences to explore the different energies with the foundational components.


"I am so grateful for being able to participate in The Movement Experience. Erica created a space of comfort, ease, and freedom while guiding us through movements that allowed us to focus on our bodies and how we wanted to move and feel within them. This experience also gave ourselves the space to receive feedback from our bodies, which even the most practiced of us sometimes forget to do. It was so delightful to feel my body positively respond to simply dropping in at the beginning of the session and feeling like this its exactly where I was meant to be. 

I left this experience feeling incredibly nourished by everything from the music played, to Erica's gentle but heartfelt guidance, to the ability to move myself freely and honoring what I needed that day. I hight recommend attending on ef these experiences as an opportunity for genuine selfceare and I look forward to attending another session. Thank you Erica!" - Adrianna

"I loved it. It is exactly what I needed, what I need, and what women everywhere deserve" - 1:1 Participant

Erica's voice and intention made me feel like I was in a safe space with no judgement or expectations. After class I felt relaxed, felt, heard. Emotional with no feelings of guilt. This was truly a gift." - Private group participant

This experience was beyond powerful. Having someone tell me it's ok to "just be". Grateful! - 1:1 Participant

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