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Using your poultice at home

The facial and body herbal poultice's are intended for a single-use and are given to each client after their treatment to be used as a bath tea, herbal foot soak, for self massage or natural aromatics in your home.

Bath Tea:

Place poultice in your bathtub or foot basin, fill with hot water. Add 1 - 2 cups of your favorite soaking salt and enjoy an herbal infused soak. You may use the poultice for self massage in the bath using compression techniques on your forehead, on top of your shoulders, under your collar bones along the pec musculature, arms, abdomen and legs.

1 bath or foot soak per poultice


To heat, Microwave OR use a saucepan with almost boiling water with a strainer on top and steam the poultice after re-hydrating it.

In either case, it is absolutely essential to make sure the herbal poultice is fully hydrated before reheating, especially in the microwave. 20 - 30 seconds is sufficient when using a microwave and caution must be used with removing from any heat source by using a cloth or towel.  Use the compression techniques for the body used in the bath tea protocol.

1 at home massage per poultice


I leave some of my own poultices intact to dry in a room and note the aromatics naturally on warmer days or if it sets in the sunlight. You may also choose to unravel the poultice after it has set out to completely dry. Place the dried herbs in a bowl to enjoy their natural aroma.

1 - 2 weeks for natural aromatics





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