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flow session options

flow sessions offer your the opportunity to receive a truly customized session, unique modalities, and new organic products for your appointment. 


  • Shea or mango butter foot treatment with "sock service". Your session ends with hot towel compressions and an application of either shea or mango butter for your feet. Bring a pair of cozy socks for this option. I put your socks on for you when the session ends so that you can enjoy a luxurious application of product to go!


  • Extra hot towels. Hot towel compressions for back, legs, and arms. 

  • Warmed eye mask. The gentle weight and heat from the warmed eye mask feels soothing for sinuses and the musculature of the brows.

  • Dry brushing + lymphatic work. Our lymphatic system always needs attention, but since movement and exercise can shift this time of year, offering your body extra support with dry brushing and a lymphatic focus feels amazing. As always - self care education on how to dry brush and basic lymphatic massage techniques for you at home!

  • Sound healing with tuning forks to acupressure points of the kidney and bladder meridians for increased harmony during the winter season - 12/21!!! 

  • Kidney (yin: dark, cold, slow, inward energy) + Bladder (yang: light, hot, quick, expansive energy). Winter is associated with the kidney's which in TCM hold our basic and fundamental energy.


Classic offerings that are always available to be blended into your session. Remember, there is no time limit within your session on these options.

Example: If you LOVE reflexology and you want 45 minutes of that followed by 30 minutes of back, neck and shoulder work - that is an option!


Balance and alignment is brought to the 7 chakras prior to your massage therapy session with this energy work add on service. Grounding, balancing, and overall wellness.


Pressure is applied to various points on the feet that correspond to various parts or organs of the body. This add on service can help with stress relief, pain relief, and promote overall wellness and relaxation. Please note that reflexology is not an aggressive or high pressure point experience for your feet or legs. It promotes wellness and relaxation and as a result of calming your nervous system, you may also note a shift in pain management.


Specific acupressure points are addressed in this refreshing and relaxing add on service. May help relieve sinus pressure, relax tired eyes, and relieve tension in your head, face, and jaw. Promotes overall wellness and relaxation.



Jade stone rollers are used in a rhythmic and relaxing massage to the face and neck. Jade stones feel smooth and cool to the skin and promote lymphatic drainage, decrease puffiness around the eyes, and feel soothing and relaxing