Each individual has a different interpretation of what aroma is appealing to them for their session. That's why I offer a variety of options. Custom blending adds an added layer of detail for your unique session and are available with all of my appointments.


Scent free sessions are also an option.


Let me know your choice of essential oil or essential oil blend prior to your appointment. Click on the oil or blend of your choice and it will send an email to me with your choice in the subject line. Blends will be performed in my home workshop in a disposable cup prior to your appointment. I will not be able to bring essential oil bottles into your home for onsite blending.


choose one essential oil to be blended with jojoba or massage cream

You can learn more about the indications and aromatic properties of my essential oil offerings by clicking on this link: Mountain Rose Herbs and searching for the essential oil that you are considering for your appointment

My combo blend creations

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