Gua Sha Contraindications

  • Botox or similar within 2 weeks

  • Fillers within 4 weeks

  • Facial threads must wait 12 months or until fully absorbed

  • Impaired skin integrity

  • Active herpes virus/cold sore

  • Skin lesions or bruising

  • Sunburn

Should I offer a tip for my service with Erica?

Gratuities are a matter of subjectivity. As a massage therapist and independent business owner, my sessions are a professional, alternative treatment, that may be more problem solving oriented for pain, stress or anxiety; therefore, I request that no tip is applied to your service.

I have a gift certificate that is expiring this month! What can I do?  

  • Reach out to me via email or leave me a voicemail at 607-377-6391. You may consider using your gift certificate for self care items from my product line {have a soak}.


Is your Square credit card processing secure? 

  • All information my customers submit is encrypted to the Square processing servers. Square complies with all required PCI standards. As per Square's Seller Agreement, Security Policy and Privacy Policy, they will never sell information to third party vendors.

    Square protects its systems with industry-leading technology and security controls, including:

  • Square performs data encryption within the card reader at the moment of swipe.

  • Square’s software is developed using industry-standard security best practices.

  • Square’s servers are monitored around the clock by dedicated security staff.

  • Square’s employees act in accordance with security policies designed to keep your data safe.