Ytsara Herbal Poultice + Oil Benefits

A traditional healing art + wellness experience


Thai Herbal Poultice (Luk Pra Kob)

The poultice massage experience incorporates 4 massage modalities based on healing traditions of Thailand. 

Revitalizing Herbal Poultice + Vital Energy Oil Blend

This balancing poultice opens the pores and brings deep medicinal heat the muscles to release tensions and revitalize the mind. This blend includes dried lemongrass, Thai ginger root, turmeric root, bergamot, and camphor.

Combat fatigue, increase energy.

Stomach cramps + constipation: warms + aids digestive system

Repetitive motion discomforts: increase circulation + lymphatic flow, relieve muscle cramps, ease muscular + joint pain, anti-inflammatory

Sport massage recovery: improve range of motion, soothe and reduce muscle soreness, re-energize

Calming Herbal Poultice + Deep Calm Oil Blend

A combination of calming and balancing herbs including vetiver root, kaffir lime, Thai ginger root, lemongrass, dried turmeric root, and jasmine flower soothe nervous tension, relieve anxiety and stress related disorders. In addition to the nerve tonic, the healing herbs lessen cramps, stimulate digestion, and alleviate muscle aches and pain.

Overworked, stressed or tired: nerve tonic, sharpens senses, but calms anxiety

Hyperactive person with hectic lifestyle: calm anxiety

PMS, menstrual cramping, digestive issues: relieves cramps, stimulates digestion

Insomnia: promotes deep calm and sleep

Indigo Herbal Poultice + Fit Body Oil Blend

The Indigo herbal poultice is filled with a traditional healing blend of wild healing herbs such as indigo leaf, Yaa Nang, cinnamon, camphor and wrapped in an indigo fabric.


Indigo, the symbol of the Buddha of Medicine is said to improve muscular tone and detoxify.

Indigo and deeper shades of blue are dynamic healing colors on both spiritual and physical levels.