• Both options are possible for onsite work.
  • Added time is needed for set up, break down and disinfection when I use my own travel table before I leave your home.
  • The personal massage tables I recommend below, fold up and typically come with a storage bag. It may fit under a bed or in a closet. Keep it near the room where we will be executing your session if possible.
  • I can be responsible for the set up and breakdown of the table for each appointment, if you choose to fold it and store it between sessions.
  • I perform safety checks and maintenance for the table as well as offer recommended table height for each family member if you choose to use it between our sessions to help each other.
  • A personal massage table purchase holds value beyond our sessions together to assist you and your family with proper ergonomics and a dedicated piece of equipment to offer each other hands on work safely and correctly between appointments.  Specialized guidance for techniques to assist each other is available upon request as a new wellness service offering.
  • EPA Approved Disinfection Product: Rejuvenate. Approved for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, when used in accordance with the directions for use against Poliovirus type 1.
I am not affiliated with massage warehouse or any table company, these are all my personal recommendations and favorite brands.
  • The "Buy Massage Tables" website has a lot of options for customizing your table, so if you decide on a table and need help with details, connect with me.
  • If you choose to go your own avenue with a table purchase, please confirm the brand with me and its ability to adjust height since some tables have weight limits, working weight limitations and adjustable height limitations.
  • If you have to move/relocate or are unable to continue with my onsite services for any reason, I would be happy to assist you in either selling the table or purchasing the table from you.