A note from Erica

A note from Erica - As a result of my May 2019 schedule and service offering changes please note the following: * If you were receiving 12 -24 appointments a year, we may now only be able to connect for 9 - 18 appointments each year. * If you were receiving 6 - 12 appointments a year, we may only be able to connect for 4 - 9 appointments each year. If you feel the limited number of appointment options per year is making a negative impact for you and your wellness, I recommend exploring the following avenues: * Connect with a secondary massage therapist. I can’t express how wonderful it is having more than one connection for bodywork! I understand for many clients it is a big step - shifting to another persons hands, facility, etc. But this will pay off for you in the long run if you love massage therapy and the benefits you enjoy from receiving the work. * Infrared Sauna * Float Therapy * Movement + breath work * Acupuncture, chiropractor, reiki (other alternative / holistic therapies). * This is your journey so consider what may resonate with you and your needs! The 2019 schedule shift was implemented so that I can continue to offer my best work and the best possible experience for every client as I shift into my 20th year of service as well as implementing more of my NMR work and teaching opportunities. I appreciate your dedication to my practice and review of considerations for your appointments in the upcoming years. Thank you, Erica

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