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A holistic natural body treatment and full body massage with Aypa products (skincare by Earth), all derived from Peru.

Four Aypa products are applied sequentially through four steps that are all integrated with massage and combines sacred native Peruvian plants and ancient practices to deeply feed the body, energize the soul and provide the perfect escape to a sublime journey of wellness.

Throughout the treatment, you will explore new exotic aromas and textures from powerful Andean body products in a traditional Incan sequence.

The Aypa

products are rich, moisturizing and filled with antioxidants, minerals, are anti-inflammatory and calming, rich in fatty acids, vitamin A and E, a perfect offering for your body and mind this winter.

90 minutes - $138.00

75 minutes - $118.00

Products used include a purple corn scrub to purify, a lucuma warming back mask to energize, a Sacha Inchi oil to regenerate and an exquisite Quinoa Cream to nurture.


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