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My new season ❤️

Today I will be stepping into my new treatment room and offering clients work again.

I feel peace, ease and excitement for my menu of services and to be connecting with clients more regularly once again. I’ll have access to a treatment room full time and a share a facility with other professionals which I have been longing for for years.

Since closing my studio space in June 2020, I’ve had the opportunity to experience new course work, reflect on the last 22 years of service and all of the different settings and service offerings that I have shared and also where I see my practice shifting through my 40s and 50s.

I was grateful to have the space and time to be present with myself and reconnect with what feels positive and exhilarating with this work and also what services and offerings I needed to let go and boundaries I needed to create so that I can continue to offer my work at my fullest potential.

Why Gua sha and Thai herbal poultice?

These modalities bring deep relaxation, new sensory experiences and awareness with the body and mind, restoration and rejuvenation and offer possibilities for at home relaxation and shifts using the Gua sha tools, gemstone rollers and herbal poultice. I’m so grateful for my mentor and teacher Cecily Braden who helped reignite my passion for my profession.

I feel more connected and creative with each client session and I‘m honored to have had a role in so many clients lives for regular maintenance massage and pain management for decades and it feels so good to be stepping into my new era.

I love unique experiences in bodywork, both giving and receiving and I can’t wait to connect with you at the table.

Love and wellness,


new location: 112 North Main St. HHDS


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