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Somatics & Embodiment - Both are felt & intertwined.

Somatic means 'of or relating to the body'. The felt sense from within. Hunger, fullness, ouch, ohh nice - your basic sensory experiences. Feeling music send chills up your spine, smelling cookies and having a memory. A need to laugh, scream, cry, get angry, etc. We can feel this in a way words can’t explain. A lump in your throat, butterflies in your tummy. Can be where we carry tension (tight hips from emotional trauma). It can be subtle and not in our physical awareness. It’s the stored memory of the body.

Somatic components within The Movement Experience classes focus on the internal experience of the movements with each song rather than an 'end result'. The components are performed consciously, slowly, and focus on presence and quality that is unique to you and where you are at in that moment, not quantity.

Embodiment – we’re always embodying. Feminine Embodiment is feeling connected to, awake and alive for our experiences. Driven, attuned. It’s engagement. It’s slower. It’s supportive. It’s centering. It’s rhythmic and cyclical. It’s about depth and capacity. The Movement Experience prompts and reflections through the class facilitate using the body as a tool for healing through mindfulness, self awareness, presence, connection with other women and self. Exploring the relationship between our physical being and energy.

For more information or to book a 1:1 class in my studio space or group class offering at 360 Aurora, send me a note at


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