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The Movement Experience

I began the The Movement Experience Facilitator program in June 2022. I was looking at new movement practices for my body and mind that had the potential to be adaptable with where I was at with my energy, health (autoimmune disease) and balancing the physical demands of my work as a massage therapist.

I went into the program unsure if I would ever teach a class. Who was I to stand in front of a group of women and guide them through anything?

I did know that the creator of the program, Erika, was magnetic for me, and I felt the work was meaningful to because it was all about a FELT experience, through movement, sensory, not an class with a focus on Fix, or about shifting my weight, how I looked, etc.

A safe space to move freely, release tension, connect with where my body and energy were at for the day, shift a mood, become present, feel supported and relaxed and offer myself a new avenue for wellness and connecting with community.

The TME Facilitator program was a 20 week certification, with 5 - 10 hours each week of research, reflections, assignments, live group calls with other facilitators, all with different professions in wellness from all over the world.

We spent the first 8 weeks diving deep into feminine embodiment, Somatics, cyclic living, understanding the feminine, emotions in movement, and also exploring how we can make our classes integrate into our work and the last 12 weeks creating "mini movement classes" learning each movement component with supportive cues and modifications that led us into our full Foundational Class final practicum that I held in my studio space and recorded for feed back.

Since then I have held private events for small groups and also offer 1:1 class in my treatment room at 112 North Main Street.

I have always offered education in my service offerings, ideas for my clients to take with them away from the massage table to facilitate them feeling well, so adding TME to my offerings feels very complimentary to my work as a massage therapist.

TME brings awareness to the body and promotes relaxation, decreased tension, presence, permission to just be, pleasure from feeling well and shifting out of stress cycles and our daily push and traditional movement practices.


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