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Spring Roses



Lymphatic DRAINAGE: body + face wellness services

BODY FOCUSED SERVICE: This session begins  with guided breath work and lymphatic focus using manual lymphatic drainage and the Lymphatic Brush to the neck, head +  shoulders, followed by integrated back + shoulder massage for relaxation + tension relief. Lymphatic drainage is intentional throughout the entire service on the neck, face, chest, arms and legs using manual lymphatic drainage and the Lymphatic Brush prior to integrated massage to calm the central nervous system and promote rest, rejuvenation and repair..  75, 90 or 105 min

FACE FOCUSED SERVICE: Face, neck, shoulder, upper body lymphatic focus with the lymphatic brush and manual lymphatic drainage, followed by integrated face/neck/head/shoulder/arm massage and guided breath work. 75 minutes


This session can also begin  with back massage for relaxation and tension relief, followed by face, neck, shoulder, arm lymphatic focus and  integrated massage  75 or 90 min

Eyes Closed




This spring inspired service begins with Phyto5 violet clay back massage. The violet clay is a mineral-rich cleansing and purifying kaolin clay infused with lemon, cypress, thyme, lavender, ylang ylang, sweet marjoram, pine and cinnamon essential oils in a formulation designed to nourish and revitalize. 


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), good health is governed by good “Qi” or vitality energy flow through channels. In the 5 element theory, Spring relates to the Wood Element, which consists of the Liver and Gallbladder Channels. 


During this session I will use shiatsu and body gua sha techniques blended with integrated massage to promote balance and vibrancy this spring season. 

90 minutes $140.00

105 minutes $160.00

Physical symptoms of liver and gallbladder Qi blockage include headaches, fatigue, muscle and joint pains, irritability, heartburn, belching, eye conditions, digestive problems, skin and nasal allergies, weak nails, and menstrual cramps. Emotional symptoms of liver and gallbladder Qi blockage include irritability, frustration, depressive feelings, impatience, sense of being stuck and lacking direction in life, and inability to make critical decisions.

liver channel.jpg
gallblader channel.jpg

Gallbladder and Liver Channel Images from "Bodywork Shiatsu" - Bringing the art of finger pressure to the massage table - Carl Dubitsky. pages 54 and 55


pure products, balanced body + mind

Since the start of my career as a massage therapist in 2000 and launching my business here in NY in 2014, I have had an ongoing passion for continuing education which offers me the opportunity to be creative, unique and thorough with my service offerings.


I love exploring and offering new products and bodywork experiences for my clients and connect them with massage modalities that facilitate wellness, stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, a safe space to let go or connect with their senses in new ways to promote deeper relaxation.

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