• Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your NMR or massage therapy appointment start time.


  • i.e. your appointment is scheduled for 3:00P, please arrive by 2:45P. We generally will spend 5 - 7 minutes for our consultation when you arrive, and the average time for a client to change clothes or to change clothes and use the restroom is 5 - 7 minutes = 14 minutes, which = starting your session on time and receiving the full appointment that you have scheduled.


  • Arriving early allows time for our consultation which includes reviewing your goals for the day and the opportunity to discuss any changes in medical status, postural assessment, product choices and session design.


  • Late arrivals will limit my ability to offer the complete appointment experience. Please note that late arrivals will not be afforded an extension of the scheduled treatment so that I may accommodate others whose appointments follow yours. Treatments will be rendered only for the remainder of the scheduled appointment time and you will be responsible for the payment of the full service that you scheduled.



  • Your appointment has been reserved specifically for you. Please kindly offer me 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment to avoid the cancellation fee.  My policy allows you to cancel or reschedule with no fee when you offer more than 24 hours notice. There is a 50% fee of the reserved service due when you offer less than 24 hours advance notice for your cancellation or rescheduling request. An invoice will be emailed via Square for this fee.

  • Anyone who either forgets or consciously chooses to forgo their appointment will be considered a "no-show".  This results in a full service fee due for the scheduled service. No show = not showing up for your appointment. Any fees you incur must be paid before a follow up appointment with me is scheduled. If you are paying for your service with a gift certificate, the balance due for your late cancel/rescheduling or no show will be charged to your gift certificate and an invoice will be emailed from Square for the missed service scheduled.


  • Any client that has three cancellations within 12 months will be required to pay a non-refundable retainer for the full service amount they are booking for any future appointments to remain on the schedule.


  • I recommend having a "team" of wellness practitioners 

  • I personally know that receiving massage therapy and NMR work is vital for my own wellness because of the physical work that I perform daily as a massage therapist.  I appreciate loyalty so much, but this is a "human business" and I am a sole practitioner. Unfortunately there may be a time where cancellations have to happen on my part in 2020 due to bad weather, illness, injury, or family emergency.

  • As a practitioner who books 2 - 3 months in advance in my practice, I generally (and unfortunately) will not be able to accommodate a reschedule in a timely manner if I have to cancel your appointment due to bad weather, illness, injury, or family emergency, so please have a back up plan for your needs.

  • If I do have to cancel client sessions for a full day, multiple days, or even a week due to bad weather, illness, injury, or family emergency, all clients who have been cancelled take priority on the waiting list when I receive openings.


  • I have had my my own personal experience with my "regular" massage therapists having to cancel because of an illness or family emergency, and having a "back up plan" with other practitioners helps me stay consistent with receiving and maintaining wellness! Try something new - float, acupuncture, infrared, movement, or a new massage therapist experience to maintain your wellness goals. 



  • I accept cash, check, and credit cards. Paperless receipts are offered with each transaction. I do not participate with any insurance company plans, workman's comp, or auto.


Flexible Spending Accounts and FSA Payments

  •  In some cases, a FSA debit card is able to be used as a form of payment for your service. The client has the sole responsibilty of managing the FSA account and understanding its requirements and what is covered. My receipts include date of service, type of service, my NYS license number, the location address and phone number. Refunds will not be given for any service that is paid for with your FSA card that is denied by your FSA company for reimbursement. My receipts are paperless and I do not offer receipt printing. To print your receipt, I recommend the local UPS in Hanover Square or Staples in Big Flats. Many FSA accounts accept emailed receipts at this point, so looking into the details of your FSA or contacting them to see if an email receipt is accepted may be helpful. I recommend contacting your FSA customer service to discuss massage therapy coverage and note that I do not have medical billing codes for my services. There is a $15 fee for service documentation requests, detailed receipts, and paper receipt printing requests.



  • Massage Therapy is not a substitute for medical examination or diagnosis.  It is recommended that you see the appropriate licensed health care professional for that service. Massage therapists do not diagnose illness, disease, or any physical or mental disorder, nor do they prescribe medical treatment, pharmaceuticals, offer nutritional recommendations, or perform spinal manipulations.


  • Inappropriate conduct is NEVER tolerated and results in the immediate termination of services. The full price of the service scheduled will be charged to your account and you will not be permitted to return to my studio. 

  • It is your choice to receive massage therapy or NMR. My services may enhance the health and well-being of your body and mind.  This includes stress reduction, relief from muscular tension, spasm, or pain, or for increasing circulation or energy flow.

  • ​​Cell Phones: Please set your cell phone & other electronic devices to silent to maintain the serenity of the space at Pure Balance.

  • All Personal, Health, & Medical information is maintained in a confidential manner at ALL times.  Pure Balance Therapeutic Massage PLLC will never share or sell your personal information.


  • Minors: A signature by a parent or guardian is required on my initial intake form for clients who are under 18.

  • Children are not permitted at Pure Balance unless they are receiving a service and accompanied by an adult. Children may not be left unattended in the waiting area while you are receiving a service.


  • Gift Certificates: Gift Certificates are not refundable. They may not be exchanged for cash value and expire 1 year after purchase date. Gift certificates may be used towards any current service at Pure Balance. Left over balances are tracked and carried over for future sessions or you may break up your gift certificate into smaller amounts for multiple uses until you reach a $0 balance. Gift certificates will be charged for late cancellations, late rescheduling, and no show appointments. See policy above.