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gua sha facial fusion

A holistic face, neck + back rejuvenation therapy based on the traditions of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Thai Medicine and manual lymphatic drainage to promote vitality, ease tension and promote wellness and relaxation to body + mind.

Proprietary protocols and certification from Cecily Braden Spa & Wellness Academy

This healing therapy encourages fluid movement, lymphatic drainage and tension relief.


The experience: The steamed herbal poultice work is blended with traditional massage to open postural musculature, focused work to the face, head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and back, an Eastern blend of facial acupressure points, Thai Wai aromatherapy sculpting massage, manual lymphatic drainage and gua sha, an ancient healing therapy using a nephrite gemstone gua sha board bring a fundamental change to the face and neck musculature to clear stagnation and accumulation in the lymphatic and channel systems.

GUA SHA SERVICE OPTIONS: The following services offer a blend of options that may resonate with your goals of wellness and relaxation in a new way.


Face up services are especially appealing in the winter months or times during allergy flares to avoid sinus pressure because of lying face down on the table.

*If you are receiving botox or other facial injections, please contact your professional injection provider about time needed between injections and receiving facial focused services.

Gua Sha Facial Fusion

The complete gua sha + Thai herbal poultice experience.

This service begins with a focused back massage by request, or can be offered entirely face up with head, neck, face, arm, postural musculature focus. Incorporates poultice work to the back  and neck musculature to ease tension and promote relaxation.

90 minutes - $150.00   75 minutes - $125.00


Educational gua sha service with hands on and personalized instruction followed by your choice of 45 or 60 minutes of hands on gua sha facial fusion work.

Includes your choice of CJB pocket jade gua sha with ridges or jade comb for face and body with protective case. Limit one tool per client

60 minutes - $105.00

Education, gua sha tool, 45 min hands on

75 minutes - $125.00

Education, gua sha tool, 60 min hands on

75 minutes - $140.00

Added herbal facial poultice,

Education, gua sha tool, 60 min hands on with gua sha and poultice techniques

Gua Sha Focus

The gua sha facial fusion experience without incorporating the Thai herbal facial poultice.


*For those who may have sensitivities to the poultice ingredients, are pregnant, or have diabetes

Gua sha and massage to the neck, face, arms, hands and head. Facial acupressure, manual lymphatic drainage, connective tissue therapy.

This service can begin with face down with back massage by request

90 minutes - $150.00   75 minutes $125.00


30 minute back massage followed by a gua sha focused session to the neck, face, and upper shoulders and postural focused massage to the arms, hands, neck and upper back.


Steamed aromatherapy towels, facial acupressure, lymphatic drainage massage and tai wai sculpting facial massage to renew your mind and body.

60 minutes - $105.00

60 minutes - $120.00 with added herbal poultice for face neck and shoulders

What Our Clients Say

Massage Oils

Facial Herbal Poultice Ingredients

  • Dried Thai Ginger

  • Dried Plai Root

  • Dried Lemongrass

  • Dried Java Apple Leaf

  • Dried Ivy Gourd Leaf

  • Dried Hibiscus

  • Lavender Oil

  • Geranium

  • Dried Bergamot Fruit