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Give up on perfect.

I offered a 60 minute massage session yesterday to one of my loyal and long time clients... who had booked a 75 minute session. *sigh*

I didn't realize my mistake until I was waiting for my second client of the day to arrive, who I thought was running late. When I pulled up my schedule for the day (again) I realized that I made a mistake with my first clients booked session. I was mortified. I don't ever remember not offering a client the session they had booked.

I review and manage my schedule everyday, multiple times per day. How did this happen? I wasn't feeling stressed, life is good! I reflected, I felt bummed, and I was hard on myself.

I remembered what a dear friend told me recently, to "give up on perfect". It's true, We are human, and we make mistakes. This gave me peace to move on from my mistake and to do better. My goal every day is to offer the best work and best experience to my clients, but sometimes I mess up, like I did yesterday.

I take my work and offerings to my clients very seriously. I love my job and going to work every day. If I haven't met your expectations, or your initial goals have shifted as we move thorough our sessions together, please communicate your needs to me and I will absolutely do my best to accommodate you! In the mean time, I do appreciate the thought and grace of giving up on perfect.

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