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One of my favorite recommendations to help clients slow down and have more presence and intention with their personal gua sha and roller practice is to 'pick a number'. Pick a number of passes to complete for each region of the face or body that you are working on with the tool

Here I'm using the CJB Tiger Eye gemstone roller with 3 passes and a 5 seconds to complete each pass.

If you're short on time consider 3 - 5 passes for each region and with more time try 15 - 30 strokes.

I also recommend picking a number of seconds to complete each pass.

How does it feel to do a fast pass vs a pass that takes 5-8 seconds? I notice an ease in tension, relaxation and again, the opportunity to be present and mindful during your day and the work.

Let me know if you give this method a try and how much different and complete it feels to slow down your practice ❤️


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