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Sensory Sensitivity

We have five senses, but they don't all function the same in any given person. Some clients may have a visual impairment, but be hypersensitive to sound, or have a hearing impairment but be extremely sensitive to tactile information. Different senses =. different sensitivity.

Considerations to help me make the best overall experience for you during your massage therapy appointment:

  • Are you sensitive to light? Too dark or too light?

  • Are you sensitive to sounds?

  • Are you sensitive to smells?

  • Do you get hot easily or have trouble cooling down?

  • Do you get cold easily or have trouble warming up?

  • Do you have an aversion to a specific types of fabrics for the massage table linens? - microfiber, flannel etc

  • Do you have an aversion to being touched on any of the following regions: scalp, face, neck, back, arm, hands, legs feet?

  • What kind of pressure do you prefer? Light, medium/firm, deep, unsure, or this is my first massage/haven't experienced a pressure I really like.

Example: Noise - many noises are beyond our ability to control, so I encourage clients with sound sensitivity to bring and wear their own noise canceling headphones, earbuds or earplugs if they need to.

If any of the other considerations listed above resonate with you, please send me a note to discuss before your next appointment so that I can help facilitate creating the ideal space and experience for you.


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