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Create the Space

If you're having trouble getting started or staying consistent with your at home gua sha or roller use, the simple action of creating a special space for your tools or products in a convenient and accessible location may help you connect with implementing the work.

It's not always practical to have your tools setting out on the vanity or on your nightstand ready for any moment . Creating a special offering and set up for yourself with the tools and your favorite products for later in the day or at night before bed for so that they are ready for a morning practice feels really welcoming.

Some days I feel like I don't have the time or energy, but if I am greeted with a set up similar to what is pictured below I'm better able to execute and stay committed to a practice that makes me feel rejuvenated and renewed. This set up took me less than 3 minutes. It's not groundbreaking, but everything is fresh and set out nicely for my practice.

Face Mask Friday

I forget about offering my self face masks on a regular basis, so I implemented an at home self care practice I call Face Mask Friday that I do in conjunction with a longer self gua sha or roller practice for the week (45 - 60 minutes).

After I finish my morning routine and do a quick bathroom vanity clean up, I set up the mask, products and gua sha tools in a special way so that when I finish with work for the day I have the products and tools set up waiting for me.

Create the space to help you connect with yourself and the renewal that comes from this practice.


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