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Winter Lower Leg + Foot Service

This service begins on the heated massage table with a positioning method that promotes a weightless and supported feeling during your appointment. (Pillows under the head, arms and legs)

Cozy blanket and eye pillow are offered to help you sink deeper into relaxation.

Steamed aromatherapy towels to the lower legs and feet, steamed Thai herbal poultice massage along the lower legs and sen lines, massage to the lower legs and feet.

Ends with reflexology, more steamed towels, and an application of mango butter to the feet and 'sock service'. An offering that I have been doing for my clients through the winter months for years.

Bring a pair of cozy socks and I will put them on at the end of the appointment so that you can enjoy the mango butter as a foot treatment 'to go'

The steamed Thai herbal poultice used in this service is hydrating, anti-inflammatory and is filled with Thai ginger root, kaffir lime leaf, vetiver root, lemongrass, yanang leaf, elengi flower, jasminum flower, tumeric root, sweet basil and kaffir lime essential oils leaving you feeling grounded, rejuvenated and nurtured.

60 minutes - $80.00


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